5 FREE Eco Apps To Help Save The Planet

5 FREE Eco Apps To Help You Save The Planet

When it comes to be eco conscious there are many easy ways we can all make a difference from reducing food waste, carpooling to saving energy. Technology can be  a fantastic way to keep track of our efforts and connect with like minded people. Here are some of our favourite eco apps which can help lighten our ecological footprint .

Olio Ever thought that it would be great to be able to give away some of your leftovers or surplus homegrown apples instead of throwing them away? Well, look no further.  Whether you have got food or want food, the Olio App is here to help share unwanted food so it does not end up in the bin.

OLIO is a free app that connects neighbours with each other and with local independent shops so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. This could include food nearing its sell-by date from shops, cafes and markets; spare vegetables from the allotment; cakes from an amateur baker; or groceries from household fridges when people go away or move home. Users simply snap a picture of their items and add them to OLIO for neighbours or local shoppers to collect.

Available on both iPhone and Android.  Find out more here.


Make clothes last longer by giving them a new lease of life. Declutter your wardrobe or find great bargains on this secondhand marketplace.  Beyond clothes you can also swap or sell shoes, accessories, beauty products for both women and men. There are also a kids’ sections for clothes, toys, furniture, car seats etc . . .

Available on both iPhone and Android.  Find out more here.

The Darwin Challenge

Modern intensive meat production has devastating impacts on the planet and animal welfare. Choose to eat less meat and go flexitarian.

The Darwin Challenge app has been created for those  who have one or more meatfree days a week. This life-giving app rewards you, by showing you how your meat-free days are improving your health and your world. Small acts, big impacts.

darwin challenge

Available on iPhone. Find out more here.

Bla Bla Car

Why drive on your own when you could travel with others? Carpooling takes traffic off the road, save money and reduce impact on the environment.

BlaBlaCar is the leading carpooling platform in Europe: they connect people who need to travel with drivers who have empty seats. In the UK more than 12 million people share a ride on BlaBlaCar every quarter.

Available on both iPhone and Android. Find out more here.

Make your everyday habits more sustainable, at home, work, and play.  Join a community, earn points to compete in challenges, or simply play your friends.

Have fun while lowering your energy bills and reducing waste !

Available on both iPhone and Android. Find out more here.

Do you have a favourite eco app? We’d love to hear about it!