3 Organic Women Pyjamas That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

As the weather gets colder, here is our new collection of organic cotton pyjamas designed to keep you warm this Winter.  Stylish and extra soft, they are designed for comfort.

Organic cotton is grown without chemicals so you can rest knowing you are not only wearing the purest fabric close to your skin but also guaranteed a healthy sleep. Organic cotton is also perfect is you have sensitive skin as no harsh bleach or heavy metals are used.

Here is our Winter selection of organic cotton women.

Organic Cotton Snowflake Pyjamas - Living Crafts
Organic Cotton Snowflake Pyjamas

With these women’s pyjamas in interlock quality you are literally dressed for winter. A snowflake dances across the top, the trousers are covered with snow.  Made from pure, brushed organic cotton that will keep you super warm, soft and cuddly.


Organic Flannel Pyjamas - Living Crafts
Organic Flannel Pyjamas

Natural fashion for cuddling: these women’s flannel pyjamas are perfect for everyone with a high need for cuddling.  The red top with small button border is made of extra soft interlock jersey, the checkered trousers are made of velvety-soft organic flannel.


Organic Cotton Dotted Pyjamas - Living Crafts
Dotted Pyjamas

These super soft organic cotton pyjamas have a feminine crocheted lace crew neck top. The sleep trousers have broad striped elastic cuffs at the ankles. 


New Men’s Organic Cotton Pyjamas

Organic cotton men pyjamas

Brand new men’s organic cotton pyjamas from Living Crafts. Made from pure extra soft organic cotton, this new nightwear range is so cosy and comfortable you’ll want to wear it all day!

Choose from:

Living Crafts’ products are made from organic cotton certified to GOTS standards. Additionally, all organic textiles by Living Crafts with the label „Made with 100% wind power“ have been produced with 100% renewable energy.

Ziggy by Red Urchin

Ziggy Red Urchin

Ziggy is a brand new bold design by Red Urchin in striking teal colour available as a polo shirtdress or playsuit .

All garnments by Red Urchin are made of 100% supersoft organic cotton with no itchy labels.

Red Urchin is based in London and their Organic Children Clothing is produced ethically in Europe.

The organic cotton used is grown sustainably and adheres to the Global Organic Textile Standard.GOTS certification requires agriculture that doesn’t use pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and considers the whole eco system, using natural techniques to assist plant growth, repel pests and protect and encourage wildlife habitats.  Red Urchin’s organic cotton is grown in fields right next door to the manufacturing factory, for better quality control and less air miles.

ziggy polo shirt

ziggy dress
ziggy playsuit

Elegance Organic Underwear by Peau Ethique

elegance organic underwear

Brand new, the Elegance range from Peau Ethique has a simple and feminine cut. Perfect for wearing everyday or on special occasions. Made from organic cotton, it includes a fully lined non wire bra with a matching panty.

Choose from black or plum.

GOTS certified; low impact fiber reactive dyes certified for Oeko tex; Made in Turkey

Click here to view our full range of organic underwear.

Eco Fashion – Stella Mc Cartney Red Nose Day Collection

Stella Mc Cartney Red Nose Day

Stella Mc Cartney has designed a capsule collection of T-shirts in celebration of Red Nose Day on Friday March 15. The range – which is for both adults and children – is available to buy exclusively from TK Maxx stores and online now, with a percentage of profits going towards Comic Relief.

“I admire the Red Nose Day Team and their achievement for this incredible worthwhile cause,” said McCartney. “To be able to be a small part of supporting that, is extremely rewarding.”

Each T-shirt has been manufactured in Africa using 100 per cent Fairtrade-certified organic cotton. Styles feature popular culture icons, including Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Tommy Cooper and Kate Moss – the latter of whom will model the collection herself, along with David Walliams, for a promotional campaign photographed by Helena Christensen and Mary McCartney.

Prices start at £5.99 for a children’s T-shirt and £9.99 for adult sizes.

This article was originally published on Vogue.co.uk

Eco Textiles – Organic Cotton

eco textilesWith the launch of The Organic Cotton Initiative (a joint Soil Association and GOTS campaign) we thought it was worth revisiting Eco Textiles and why it is important to buy organic clothes. Lately there has been a lot of talk about the benefits or non benefits of organic food when it comes to nutrients contents and direct link to our health forgoing the issue of conventional agriculture on the environment.

The textile industry has a huge impact on the environment and choosing Eco Textiles does help preserving the world around us. Eco Textiles can also benefit people with sensitive skins and allergies as the use of toxic chemicals or dyes is forbidden or limited.

Organic Cotton

Often known as the natural fibre, conventional cotton uses around 9% of the world’s agrochemical pesticides, about 20% of the world’s insecticides and 8% of the world’s chemical fertilizers. This is because cotton flowers are very prone to attacks from insects which has led conventional cotton growers to using those very high levels of chemicals as well as using GM cotton seeds.

A typical conventional cotton t-shirt uses about 150 grams of acutely toxic pesticides and insecticides.

The high levels of chemicals have disastrous effects on farmers health (such as cancer) and pollute the environment while affecting biodiversity. Chemicals can also enter the food chain as cotton bi-products such as cotton seed oil are used in many processed food.

Organic Cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and insecticides that plagued conventional cotton production.

While yields of organic cotton are generally lower than conventional cotton, organic cotton farmers do not have to buy expensive chemicals or GM crops.

“Organic cotton production never uses GM seed. The small-scale farmers who produce the majority of our cotton need reliability, not high risks. Using low external inputs that are locally available, organic allows farmers to work within their limits and with their environment, in a sustainable way. Organic cotton puts choices in the farmer’s hands.” (Source: http://www.cottonedon.org)

Organic farming helps preserve biodiversity while sustaining a healthy environment for humans.

“Organic farmers grow a diversity of crops to maintain healthy and fertile soils and fight off pests. By diversifying crops, farmers can also diversify their income. Growing food or other crops helps insure organic farmers against crop failure, climate variability, price volatility and changes in market demand.” (Source: http://www.cottonedon.org)

“Organic farming practices create healthy soils which make better use of water inputs and are more resilient in drought conditions. By eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, organic cotton keeps waterways and drinking water safe and clean. The water pollution impact of organic has been shown to be 98% less than non-organic cotton production.” (Source: http://www.cottonedon.org)

Organic Cotton is believed to benefit people with sensitive skins such as babies, childrens, people prone to eczema and psoriasis, as well as people with chemical sensitivities.

Wear Eco Fashion and Organic Clothes to show your commitment to the environment and fairtrade practices.