AmaElla Ethical Lingerie

Amaella Ethical Lingerie

There has been a lot of excitement at By Nature with the arrival, just in time for Valentines, of ethical lingerie brand AmaElla.

Exquisitely designed from the finest organic cotton, premium trims, and pretty prints this collection of lingerie and nightwear is created with you in mind: beautiful, confident & ethically focused.

AmaElla Organic Cotton Voile Nightdress

AmaElla is a social enterprise whose mission is to encourage ethical behaviour in fashion through sustainable and ethical sourcing. As such they only work with ethical fashion manufacturers, one here in the UK and the other in Portugal.

The organic cotton is certified to GOTS standards so you can be sure your underwear and nightwear is free of harmful chemicals.

The nightwear range include a voile nightdress and short pyjama set.

AmElla Organic Cotton Pyjama Set

The underwear collection includes a triangle soft bra, a underwire bra and two panty styles. It features an hydrangea print on navy fabric. This flower, common in British gardens, is known to symbolise grace, beauty, abundance and sincere feelings.

AmaElla Organic Cotton Romance Triangle Soft Bra

Hydrangea’s vigorous flower-head is made from an exuberant number of flowers. It is the numerous tiny flowers that make hydrangea beautiful. It resembles life somehow, when individuals come together, powerful things happen.

AmaElla Organic Cotton Romance Underwire Duchess BraAmaElla Organic Cotton Romance Knickers

Could this be the perfect eco Valentines gift? We certainly think so! But don’t take our word for it and click here to judge for yourself.



3 Organic Women Pyjamas That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

As the weather gets colder, here is our new collection of organic cotton pyjamas designed to keep you warm this Winter.  Stylish and extra soft, they are designed for comfort.

Organic cotton is grown without chemicals so you can rest knowing you are not only wearing the purest fabric close to your skin but also guaranteed a healthy sleep. Organic cotton is also perfect is you have sensitive skin as no harsh bleach or heavy metals are used.

Here is our Winter selection of organic cotton women.

Organic Cotton Snowflake Pyjamas - Living Crafts
Organic Cotton Snowflake Pyjamas

With these women’s pyjamas in interlock quality you are literally dressed for winter. A snowflake dances across the top, the trousers are covered with snow.  Made from pure, brushed organic cotton that will keep you super warm, soft and cuddly.


Organic Flannel Pyjamas - Living Crafts
Organic Flannel Pyjamas

Natural fashion for cuddling: these women’s flannel pyjamas are perfect for everyone with a high need for cuddling.  The red top with small button border is made of extra soft interlock jersey, the checkered trousers are made of velvety-soft organic flannel.


Organic Cotton Dotted Pyjamas - Living Crafts
Dotted Pyjamas

These super soft organic cotton pyjamas have a feminine crocheted lace crew neck top. The sleep trousers have broad striped elastic cuffs at the ankles. 



Flash Sale Ecolingerie

Don’t miss our Eco Lingerie Flash Sale as we are making some space for the new Spring collections arriving after Easter.

There are some great savings from Do You Green, Peau Ethique, Living Crafts, Life is Not Fair but my Knickers Are, Bam Bamboo and Braintree.

Hurry stock is limited and this flash sale ends March 26th at midnight.

Organic Cotton Underwear – New Value Packs

We have some brand new value packs of organic cotton underwear by Living Crafts for men, women and kids. These everyday basics represent excellent value for money.

Our latest organic cotton underwear collection include:


Living Craft Men Underwear Twin Pack Spring 2015


Living Craft Women Underwear Twin Pack Spring 2015


Living Craft Kids Underwear Twin Pack Spring 2015

Made to the highest ethical standard and free from chemicals Living Crafts  organic cotton underwear is great for sensitive skins.

Hemp Men Shirts from Braintree


Hemp Shirts by BraintreeBrand new shirts are now available in Braintree‘s signature hemp woven fabric. Classic and relaxed Summery style. They make a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Braintree is a natural clothing company born in Sydney, Australia and now based in London.

They are a unique independent fashion outfit with a simple philosophy – to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for the environment.

They’ve been championing eco fibres since their humble beginnings in the mid 1990’s producing quality affordable garments, always produced ethically and with sustainability in mind.

Choose from:

Mylo Long Sleeve Hemp Shirt £44.90

Brookwood Short Sleeve Hemp Shirt  £39.90

“The True Cost”: A Documentary About The Impact of The Fashion Industry


As another fire swept through a Bangladeshi’s clothes factory this week, it becomes harder to justify our love for fast fashion. How many people do have to die or work in appalling working conditions just because of our insatiable appetite for cheap clothes?

It’s not only about the environmental cost of the clothing industry it is also about its human cost. We are all at fault. As consumers we want to spend less on clothes while buying more of it. In an effort to keep costs down, brands often overlook basic working and safety conditions. Ecouterre just published a shocking article on Gap’s “forced labour“, one brand amongst many.

It is a complicated issue. Marketing gets us to believe that some brands are “good” brands while behind the scenes ethic and social values disappear in the background. And it is not always because we spend more money that workers and the environment were cared more about.

Andrew Morgan, is looking to produce ‘The True Cost‘ is a documentary film exploring the impact of the global clothing industry on people and the planet.

They have taken a first step in creating the teaser and building a growing team of experts around the world.  They are now raising this money to begin full production on the final film. Funds will go to principal photography and the post-production process.

The film will feature interviews with top industry leaders from the international clothing industry, illuminating this complex dilemma. In addition to these professionals, the audience will get to see the human side of the issue as they take cameras around the world to capture the lives of the people affected by these issues every day. More than just underscoring the problem, this is an effort to highlight real solutions that we can all take part in. The road we are on is not sustainable, but there is an opportunity here; a defining moment in history for us to set a new precedent for the future we will create.

The good news is that as consumers we have the power to change things. First we need to understand or be reminded of the issues. This is why documentaries such as  ‘The True Cost‘  are so important.

Eco Fashion : Livia Firth and Gucci’s “Deforestation-Free” Leather Bag

Photo: GUCCI via
Photo: GUCCI via

While the use of leather in fashion is questionable, the latest eco fashion collaboration between Livia Firth and Gucci is worth mentionning.

Their new bag is 100 per cent traceable and free of links to deforestation. Leather and deforestation? That’s when this story becomes interesting.

Brazilian ranches represent the biggest commercial herd of cows. Leather is a direct bi-product of this industry. According to Lucy Siegle “One cow hide makes approximately 40 pairs of sandals or 30 small bags, while a medium-sized ranch ‘processes’ 80,0000 cows a year.” Cattle ranches have expanded rapidly encroaching on rainforest land and Lucy Siegle mentions that their activities are now driving three quarters of all tropical deforestation. Greenpeace “Slaughtering the Amazon” report states that “the cattle sector in the Brazilian Amazon is the largest driver of deforestation in the world, responsible for 14% of the world’s annual deforestation”.

Enter Livia Firth, Gucci and National Wildlife Federation. Working together they have teamed up with a Brazilian cattle farm, helping them work more efficiently without cutting down trees.

The result is this new Gucci fully traceable deforestation-free leather bag that will set you off a little bit over £1000.

With only 250 bags currently being produced this is unlikely to save much of the rainforest in itself but it could be a high profile way to highlight a important issue and support the efforts fo National Wildlife Federation to stop deforestation of the Amazon.

Eco Fashion : Oscars 2013 Naomie Harris in Michael Badger

85th Annual Academy Awards - Naomi Harris

Eco Fashion graced the red carpet last night at the 2013 Academy Awards. Skyfall actress Naomie Harris donned an eco gown by Michael Badger as part as the 4th annual Red Carpet Green Dress Challenge. The Red Carpet Green Dress is an international dress design contest started by Suzy Amis Cameron, environmental advocate and wife of Director James Cameron.

Michael Badger mentored by Vivienne Westwood, created a gown made from certified organic silk crepe de chine using recycled zippers, vintage glass beads and chocolate candy wrappers. The dress was dyed with goldenrod and chamomile and was inspired by volcanoes and the appearance of flowing lava. (source: Grazia)

Helen Hunt also opted for more affordable eco dress with a midnight blue strapless gown in silk satin from H&M’s Conscious collection.

Helen Hunt Oscar 2013
image via Grazia Daily




Eco Fashion Friday

eco_fashion_fridayEco Fashion Friday is about thinking about what we wear one day a week. What we buy, where the clothes come from, what they are made from, who they are made by. And not just clothes, but shoes and accessories too.

Eco Fashion Friday is the new Dress Down Friday. Its aim is to do for sustainable fashion what Meat Free Mondays hasdone in getting people to think about what they eat and its impact on the planet.

A series of weekly challenges have been set. Start at the beginning, or start anywhere. Have fun. And share what you wear and why you wear it.

Eco Fashion Friday was created by Salterbaxter, a sustainability strategy and communications agency, and born out of ‘If Only’, our own CR programme.

To get us thinking about what eco fashion is, Salterbaxter have set themselves a series of 10 weekly challenges. Each Friday, they are going to undertake one of these challenges. They will be posting pictures of items that we wear on this site. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Salterbaxter want to get as many people as possible thinking about eco fashion each Friday – take part, take a picture of what you’re wearing, share it with them and your friends using the hashtag #ecofashionfriday. And please let  them know your stories of what you’ve learnt through doing the Eco Fashion Friday challenges. If you are taking part in the challenge, as an individual or as a company, let them know, and they’ll list you as a Eco Fashion Friday-ista!

Weekly Challenges –

1) Wear something from your wardrobe you don’t normally wear – so old it’s new!

2) Wear something second-hand or vintage

3) Wear something with a story

4) Wear something organic – or from a new fibre such as soy bean, nettle or milk

5) Wear something by a small local designer

6) Wear something repurposed/upcycled or customized – by yourself or someone else

7) Wear something FairTrade

8) Wear something British made

9) Wear something that you or someone you know has made

10) Wear your favourite item of clothing which matches any of these challenges

Find out more

See our selection of eco fashion

Eco Fashion – Green Carpet Challenge Goes Vintage at the BAFTAS


Eco Fashion hits the red carpet at the BAFTAs as the Green Carpet Challenge teams up with  WilliamVintage!

Emilia Fox  (right) donned a 1958 Givenchy haute couture strapless black silk gown with trailing sash detail while Helen McCrory (left) looked stunning in a 1963 Givenchy haute couture gown, made from princess-cut ice blue and silver silk brocade.

Also taking on the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) were Claudia Winkleman in a 1978 Yves Saint Laurent black cloque silk dress with a marabou feather trim and Ophelia Lovibond in a 2004 Lanvin in black lace gown with a fanned train made from black lace and silk.

WilliamVintage specialises in Vintage Haute Couture travelling around the world to find beautiful pieces and bring them back to life. In an interview with GCC owner William Banks-Blaney mentions that his “greatest find was 17 pieces of the 1967 Courreges haute couture collection in a barn in Devon”. Love It!

(via Eco Age)

Eco Fashion – PETA UK Vegan Fashion Awards 2013


PETA UK Vegan Fashion Awards 2013 celebrates some of the best cruelty-free eco fashion creations on the market.

From the catwalk to the high street, the range of cruelty-free clothing available right now is truly exciting. The writing’s on the wall: ethical wardrobes have gone mainstream. More and more fashion lovers want to know that their beautiful outfit doesn’t conceal an ugly secret — the cruel abuse and slaughter of animals.

This year, PETA have teamed up with celebrity designers Sadie Frost and Meg Mathews to launch their first-ever PETA UK Fashion Awards. The winners include Vivienne Westwood, Stella Mc Cartney, Adidas, Top Shop etc.. They show just how easy it is to get the look of leather, fur, wool, silk, down and exotic skins without harming a hair on an animal’s head. Bo Carter (pictured above) was voted Most Talented New Designer.


PETA also unveiled a new Vegan Logo for designers and retailers to identify the products they are selling. Right now this is only being rolled out in the UK (

See full list of winner here

Eco Fashion – Stella Mc Cartney Red Nose Day Collection

Stella Mc Cartney Red Nose Day

Stella Mc Cartney has designed a capsule collection of T-shirts in celebration of Red Nose Day on Friday March 15. The range – which is for both adults and children – is available to buy exclusively from TK Maxx stores and online now, with a percentage of profits going towards Comic Relief.

“I admire the Red Nose Day Team and their achievement for this incredible worthwhile cause,” said McCartney. “To be able to be a small part of supporting that, is extremely rewarding.”

Each T-shirt has been manufactured in Africa using 100 per cent Fairtrade-certified organic cotton. Styles feature popular culture icons, including Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Tommy Cooper and Kate Moss – the latter of whom will model the collection herself, along with David Walliams, for a promotional campaign photographed by Helena Christensen and Mary McCartney.

Prices start at £5.99 for a children’s T-shirt and £9.99 for adult sizes.

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