Valentines Flowers

Radiant Red Valentines Bouquet

Valentines is only a couple of days away. What better way to celebrate your love than a beautiful bouquet of seasonal English flowers or hamper. All contents are sourced from the Tregothnan estate and local growers with attention to sustainability, seasonality and the fewest “flower miles” possible.

This Valentines, our selection includes:

Radiant Red Valentines Bouquet

Sweep your loved one off their feet with the radiance of red Ranunculus, Tulips, Alstroemeria and Red Willow. The bold reds are perfectly balanced with the lush greens of our foliage including our homegrown Camellia, creating our most traditional of Valentine’s bouquets.

Valentines Posy

The simple elegance of English tulips and homegrown eucalyptus. A pretty posy that will be a perfect way to tell someone you’re thinking of them.

Blushing Pink Valentines Bouquet

This beautiful pink and purple bouquet is filled with Tulips, Stocks, Rosemary, Ranunculus, Parvifolia, Catkins and Pittosporum. Choose this Blushing Pink Valentine’s display and make this year’s celebration of love a memorable one.

Timeless Valentines Bouquet

This Timeless Bouquet is a passionate red collection of tulips and alstroemeria, surrounded by lush greens of our famous foliage – homegrown eucalyptus. This classic bouquet is an elegant and graceful affirmation for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Hamper

A Valentine’s gift that will last long after the Valentine’s celebrations are over. The Valentine’s Love Tea Gift Set comes planted with baby succulents and includes a pretty posy of Rosemary, Parvifolia, Pitto and Ranunculus. The floral trio is completed with Tregothnan’s brand new rose tea – so you can give Tregothnan roses for Valentine’s Day.

Timeless Love Valentines Hamper

The ultimate Valentine’s day hamper isn’t just a bouquet of flowers. Along with a beautiful posy of spring blooms it also contains Tregothnan’s brand new Rose tea, so you can send your loved one Tregothnan roses in February – but only to drink! This is accompanied with a charcoal grey Tregothnan infusion teapot for a stylish tea service and black hamper basket.

You can find our full selection of Valentines Flowers here.

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