Forget Roses This Valentine’s

tulip tregothnan valentines 2014

tulip tregothnan valentines 2014
Forget roses this Valentine’s Day! In the language of flowers, tulips signify a true declaration of love. So why not celebrate Valentine’s with some beautiful English seasonal tulips.

As questions were raised this week about the credentials of Interflora’s ‘British’ Valentine flowers (some blooms were actually sourced from as far as Columbia) you can trust that our range of seasonal bouquets is truly British. A gift bound to please anyone questioning where their flowers are coming from and how they are grown.

Grown locally in Cornwall and “warmed only by the sun,” our tulips have the lowest flower miles possible so you can feel good whilst treating somebody special!

Choose from a red tulip bouquet or a yellow tulips bouquet.  Red means love & passion while yellow means sunshine as in “there’s sunshine in your smile”.

All our hand-tied bouquets are created using seasonal flowers and foliage sourced ethically and sustainably from the Tregothnan estate in Cornwall and nearby growers, ensuring your flowers reach you with the fewest “flower miles” possible.


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