Win a Rocket Garden of your choice

win a Rocket Garden of your choice

Enter this week Christmas competition on Facebook to win a Rocket Garden of your choice (chosen from our website

To win simply become a Fan if you are not one already and tell us BELOW THIS POST “which one you would like to win”. Don’t forget to “Like & Share”

This week competition closes on December 7th 2013 midnight GMT and the winner will be announced on our Facebook & Twitter Pages.

A Rocket Garden is a box brimming full of baby organic vegetable and herb plants packed in golden straw and delivered direct to your door.

All you have to do is pop your baby plants into their new home to begin growing your own vegetables, herbs or fruit.

Rocket Gardens take out all the risk and hard work that comes with growing your own organic plants from seed. They look after the plants when they are young and vulnerable, only letting you have them when they are the perfect size, ready to be transplanted straight into your garden. Rocket Gardens saves you time, effort and eliminates the disappointment when seeds fail to germinate.

There is a wide choice of gardens to suit space, skills and time. They range from a Window Box Garden, Childrens Garden to a Constant Allotment Garden.

The new addition to the range are 3 Constant Gardens (Allotment, Small or Urban) where a series of deliveries throughout 2014 ensure you have plenty to grow for each season.

Click here to view the full range of Rocket Gardens


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