Organic Gifts for Easter

If you are looking for some organic gifts inspiration for Easter here are a few ideas:

Chocolate Easter Eggs make a perfect organic gift. Make sure you choose an Easter egg that does not have too much packaging around. Montezuma or Booja Booja are two of our favourite brands.

Organic Clothing for Children is also a popular gift. We love Red Urchin’s Penguin Chick Tee Shirt and Playsuit. It is a nice twist for the season.  Ava & Luc has a range of bright organic pyjamas which are perfect for the Spring. We also like the idea of a wildlife subscription which kids can appreciate for a long time.

Our selection of English seasonal flowers will bring some colour to any Easter table and delight both hosts and guests. All our hand-tied bouquets are created using seasonal flowers and foliage sourced ethically and sustainably from the Tregothnan estate in Cornwall and nearby growers, ensuring your flowers reach you with the fewest “flower miles” possible.


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