This Week We Love – Kemp Aromatherapy

Bath Melts soaps scrubs minimRoses are for Love so why not try something a little bit different this Valentines.

Kemp Aromatherapy‘s brings a range of pampering gifts from £2.55 to £16.95. The beautiful gift boxes features handmade soaps, bath melts, oils etc…

Vanessa Kemp is a qualified aromatherapist. She founded Kemp Aromatherapy Treatments in 1998 to bring her skill in blending pure essential oils for private clients to a wider public. Now Kemp Aromatherapy’s luxurious range is known round the world.

Kemp Aromatherapy hand make all their products in England using ethically sourced ingredients.Vanessa’s philosophy has always been to provide top quality aromatherapy products using 100% pure essential oils and natural ingredients that really work.

Vanessa believes that by including the regular use of essential oils into your daily routine, you will feel more relaxed and balanced while also strengthening your body’s resistance to illness, including stress.

Inventors of the bath melt. Often copied. Never improved.


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