Edible Christmas Wreath

Edible Christmas Wreath
This stunning edible Christmas wreath is made using Tregothnan-grown chillies and fragrant herbs. 100% edible, not only is this garland a beautiful accessory in any kitchen, but the chillies & herbs will make a tasty addition to your home cooking. All dry beautifully, and can be used when fresh or dried.

Matching edible garland, edible table decoration and edible chilli bouquet available.

All Tregothnan garlands, bouquets and table decoratons are created using only English flowers, foliage and herbs sourced from the estate or local growers with attention to sustainability and flower miles and ‘warmed only by the sun’.

Voted amongst the 50 Best UK Florists by the Independent, Tregothnan is a working estate since 1335 where traditional skills and craftsmanship still survive and thrive. The horticultural skills gleaned from generations of gardeners inspires this range of seasonal British flower bouquets. All bouquets are made with flowers either grown on the estate in Cornwall or sourced from local growers many of them who are tenants on Tregothnan land.

Tregothnan is committed to sustainability, minimal flower miles and the seasonality that comes from offering English flowers.


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