Sophie Conran’s Wildlife Havens

wildlife havens sophie conranSophie Conran’s  Wildlife Havens are perfect to help wild birds survive the cold snap.

The range includes a Bird Feeder House, Bird Nesting Box and an Insect Hotel.

All products are made from sustainable FSC wood and make beautiful gifts

Interior designer, cook and author Sophie Conran is the daughter of Sir Terence Conran. Here she has been working with Burgon & Ball to create stylish gift sets for lovers of gardening and pottering about outside with friends and family.

“Wildlife is not only beautiful, but vital to every garden and with a little encouragement we can tempt the visitors that offer us gardeners a special helping hand and are a delight to behold: birds to polish off the odd snail, ladybirds to do their best with the aphids and the solitary bee – non-aggressive wonder pollinator.

Her gorgeous ‘hanging havens’ will help bring gardens alive.”

According to the RSBP “Finding food and ensuring they eat enough of it to build – and maintain – adequate fat supplies to store on the body and ‘burn’ for energy is the greatest test for wild birds in winter. And the food and water we provide can be the difference between life and death in many cases.”

It is vital for everyone to help wild birds especially in the light of the State of the UK’s Birds 2012 report published this week which highlights that since 1966, the UK has lost 44 million breeding birds from its countryside at an average rate of a nesting pair every minute.


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