Gifts with a Difference: Who Made Your Pants

Who Made Your PantsLooking for a gift that can make a difference this Christmas? Look nor further that Who Made Your Pants‘ range of gorgeous shorties.

Who Made Your Pants is a campaigning lingerie brand based in Southampton, UK. They’re about two things – amazing pants, and amazing women.

Who Made Your Pants buy fabrics that have been sold on by big underwear companies at the end of season, stop them ending up as waste and turn them into gorgeous new pants that have a great start in life. They’re designed to sit flat under clothes, have no VPL, and be comfortable and all day fabulous.

Who Made Your Pants are based in Southampton where they create jobs for women who’ve had a hard time. Set up as a worker co-operative, Who Made Your Pants were formed specifically to empower women, and they do this in lots of ways. The women they employ and work with are primarily refugees, from Afghanistan, Somalia, the Sudan – often places where there have been wars. They may have been educated or worked, they may not, so their needs are all different and Who Made Your Pants’ training and support varies in relation to need.

The first job everyone learns is making the pants. They hope that all jobs within the business can be filled by the women as they gain skills though – if someone is interested in marketing, or finance, they’ll arrange training.

Who Made Your Pants provide all kinds of training in employability and UK norms as well as production. Employability is important – if you’ve never had a job before, how do you know you’re supposed to call in sick?

Finally, all profits Who Made Your Pants make go back into the business – their costs aren’t just about rent and fabric and wages, but about training and support and advice. Who Made Your Pants really do believe that pants can change the world – do you?

Who Made Your Pants


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