Tea Gift Hampers

Tea Organic Gift Hampers TregothnanThe only tea grown in the UK is now available in gorgeous tea gift hampers from eco retailer By Nature. Sure to delight all tea lovers, the hampers make beautiful gifts and are putting back the English into English tea.

Based in Cornwall the Tregothnan estate is located in one of the very best tea regions in the world. Its cool climate and inimitable uniqueness is essential for the best of teas.

Tregothnan is believed to be the first place to grow ornamental Camellias outdoors in Britain 200 years ago. It was this wealth of experience combined with a pioneering spirit that led them to create the first teas actually grown in the UK.

Today, tea can be found growing in small pockets all over the Tregothnan home estate whilst larger plantations are located on Tregothnan land throughout the southern tip of the county.

The selection of tea gift hampers include both regular tea  as well as herbal tea blends. Prices range from £12.95 to £37.95.


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