Ekocycle – Will I Am Promotes Recycling

Will.i.am has teamed up with Coca Cola in an effort to promote recycled products and encourage sustainability among young consumers. Part of the campaign includes the video above: An End is a Cool, New Start

The objective of Ekocycle is to partner with companies to launch products ranging from clothes, lifestyle products to furniture. Since Coca Cola, new brands such as Levi’s, New Era and MCM have also signed up to Ekocycle. Will.i.am aims to make recycling “cool” by creating aspirational products made from recycled goods.

While we all appear to understand recycling, recycling is useless if the recycled products are not used. More effort is needed (and this is why initiatives like  Ekocycle is spot on) to create markets for recycled materials and products.

The first Ekocycle product available is a pair of high-end headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre. But at a price tag of $349 this is unlikely to reach the masses.

Yet we can only applaud if Ekocycle manages to get big names companies to include more recycled content into their products and helps raise the profile of recycled products among consumers.

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