Organic Chocolates Truffles by Booja Booja

Organic Chocolate Truffles by Booja Booja
Based in Norfolk England Booja Booja handmade their award winning organic chocolate truffles.

Booja Booja offers you guilt free, gloriously scrumptious organic Chocolate Truffles.

You can trust that everything Booja Booja make is dairy free, vegan, organic and utterly delicious.

Browse our selection and choose from Booja Booja Organic Champagne Truffles, Booja Booja Around Midnight Espresso Truffles, Booja Booja Organic Stem Ginger Truffles, Booja Booja Hazelnut Crunch Truffles or Booja Booja Organic Truffles Gourmet Selection


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