Recycled Wine Glasses

You can save up to 45% in our current recycled wine glasses Sale.

Did you know that “Recycling two bottles saves enough energy to boil water for five cups of tea” (Source: Waste Online)

Glass can be recycled indefinitely as part of a simple but hugely beneficial process, as its structure does not deteriorate when reprocessed.

In addtion, recycling reduces the demand for raw materials.  There is no shortage of the materials used, but they do have to be quarried from our landscape, so from this point of view, there are environmental advantages to recovering and recycling glass. For every tonne of recycled glass used, 1.2 tonnes of raw materials are preserved.

Recycling also reduces the amount of waste glass which needs to be landfilled.  Although glass is inert and is not directly hazardous to the environment, it will remain there indefinitely.

In addition to recycled wine glasses, our selection of recycled glassware also includes martini/cocktail glasses, beer glasses, tumblers, milk glasses and champagne glasses.

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