Precious – The New Collection from Do You Green by g=9.8

Precious – The New Collection from Do You Green by g=9.8 is made from delicate French Calais lace.

A true statement to sustainable fashion, the new organic underwear range includes bras with matching knickers.

French designer Sophie Young uses fabric made from upcycled wood trimmings. The wood is transformed into a super soft textile via an enzyme treatment.

As soft as silk with the feel of cashmere and the coolness of linen g=9.8’s fibre has amazing properties as it regulates temperature so that you are never too hot or too cold and it won’t lose its shape. It is also biodegradable and anti bacterial. It washes well and dries very quickly.

We caught up with Sophie on her latest collection:

Q: What is the inspiration behind your latest collection ‘Precious’?
A: ‘Precious’ is about a truly seductive ecology. We like the association of the words ecology and preciousness as we want to bring to ecology our French touch: elegance and sensuality.

For us, ecology is a trend of the 21st century similar to the French literary style called préciosité (“preciousness”) which arose in the 17th century. It stands out through its altruistic ideas and not through its language or elegance.

We like the idea of ecology as a cultural movement and prefer this term to the one of  commitment, sustainable development which resonates as more industrious and therefore less attractive.

Wikipedia:  The French literary style called préciosité (“preciousness”) arose in the 17th century. It stems from the willingness to differentiate oneself by the purity of language, refined manners, moral dignity and idealised love.

Q: Why did you choose to work with Calais lace on this collection ? How does this fit in your eco concept ?
A: The French Calais lace is known worldwide for being very delicate yet robust. We decided to work with a particular lace called « chantilly » which is the finest of the Calais laces.

Since our inception, all our raw materials have been made in France: our fabric, our elastics and now our lace. We try to support as much as we can the “Made in France” especially with materials in direct contact with the skin. We feel it is important from a sanitary point of view.  We choose to work with noble, natural raw materials and certified dyes.

Q: Do you still manufacture in Tunisia?
A: Yes we do. Unfortunately we cannot both get our supplies from France and manufacture in France as the cost of the final product would be too prohibitive. However 70% of our product cost price goes back in the French economy.

Click here to view the full collection of g=9.8




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