Red Urchin Organic Children Clothes

Red Urchin Organic Children ClothesRed Urchin‘s Organic Children Clothes are now available from By Nature.

Made of organic cotton Red Urchin‘s organic clothes are colourful with beautiful designs and contemporary style.

Red Urchin is based in London and their Organic Children Clothing is produced ethically in Europe.

The organic cotton used is grown sustainably and adheres to the Global Organic Textile Standard.GOTS certification requires agriculture that doesn’t use pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and considers the whole eco system, using natural techniques to assist plant growth, repel pests and protect and encourage wildlife habitats.  Red Urchin’s organic cotton is grown in fields right next door to the manufacturing factory, for better quality control and less air miles.

Red Urchin are committed to producing clothing in a socially and environmentally responsible way to safeguard all our children’s futures.

Red Urchin‘s collection includes organic t-shirts for boys, girls and babies.

View their full range here


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