Babies & Toddlers On The Go With Earthlust

Birds Bees Earthlust
Birds & Bees Earthlust baby bottles have been designed to give parents a bottle that will last right through a baby and toddlers life and help combat the 20 plastic bottles and cups in the cupboard syndrome!. Use them at home or on-the-go. Insulated and durable … even with the toughest toddlers.

To help the transition from bottle to sippy easier, the same bottle can be used with a nipple top for babies and a sippy top for toddlers (both included) which also helps the transition from bottle to sippy top. The handles are removable and can be replaced with a transition ring. The bottle itself is made from high quality, durable food grade stainless steel. It is double walled which means it will insulate the contents for up to 4 hours.

Birds & Bees bottles are dent resistant, insulated and do not leach toxins as they are made from high quality food grade stainless steel, which is naturally safe unlined and phthalate, PVC and BPA-free.

BPA and Phthalates are used in the manufacture of plastic bottles as well as in the lining of metal cans and bottles. Concerns about their safety have been raised as studies have found them to leach into liquids and food especially when containers are heated at high temperatures. They are believed to be hormones disruptors (acting as oestrogens mimics) that could be linked to male infertility, early puberty, cancer.

Infants are said to be most vulnerable to BPA intake in the first six months of their lives, as they are unable to remove the substance from their bodies. BPA have been banned in the EU for products for children under three only.

Size 200ml. SRP £19.95.


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