English Flowers – The Perfect Mother’s Day Eco Gift

English Flowers Mothers DayThis Mother’s Day Say it with Seasonal English Flowers

By Nature has the perfect eco gift for Mother’s Day with a gorgeous selection of freshly cut UK grown seasonal blooms by Tregothnan.

A great selection bound to please anyone questioning where their flowers are coming from and how they are grown.

We have become accustomed to finding flowers available year-round losing perspective of traditional seasonal flowers. Flowers forced to grow out of season generate a huge carbon footprint as they need to be heated. The impact of the cut-flower industry also has a human cost. Like many other industries, it relies on cheap labour and workers work in appalling conditions with crops laced with dangerous pesticides.

Tread lightly and reconnect with the seasons with By Nature’s choice of UK grown and organic UK grown bouquets. Local and seasonal, their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. Each bouquet is hand-tied and created using seasonal flowers and foliage sourced ethically and sustainably from the Tregothnan estate in Cornwall and nearby growers, ensuring your flowers reach you with the fewest “flower miles” possible.


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