Eco Fashion – Rapanui Clothing

Eco Fashion Rapanui ClothingBased on the Isle of Wight, Rapanui is an Eco Fashion company that designs and makes trendy sustainable organic clothing.

Using ethically accredited factories powered by wind and solar energy – and using cutting edge eco-textiles, Rapanui create products that have a unique natural softness and feel when worn. The result is eco fashion clothing that looks great and feels great too.

Whilst the organic, ethical and low carbon eco fashion approach to Rapanui’s supply chain is unique, their real contribution to sustainability has come from the traceability of their products, their work towards improving traceability in the industry and the conversation this has sparked between shoppers, brands and manufacturers.

Rapanui collection includes eco fashion for both mens and womens. In addition to organic cotton and bamboo they have also recently introduce  a new eco textile made of upcycled eucalyptus tree.

Click here to view Rapanui’s Eco Fashion Selection


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