Organic Baby Clothes – Animal Tails

Organic Baby Clothes Animal Tails RomperAnimal Tails‘ selection of organic baby clothes is made from super soft organic cotton and bamboo. Organic baby clothes are perfect for baby sensitive skins as they do not contain chemicals.

Each Animal Tails design comes with its own delightful story label telling fun and amazing facts about the endangered species featured.

Buying  Animal Tails organic baby clothes means you’re directly helping to preserve these things of beauty as Animal Tails are working with the WWF and other environmental organisations to contribute to the protection of these precious species.

In Animal Tails‘ own words “The tragedy of our times is that there is an accelerating loss of many of our World’s most wonderful and beautiful species, through loss of their habitat from human development and climate change.

It would seem if we don’t do something quickly many beautiful things will pass into nothingness. Ours and future generations will be poorer for the loss of so much of the beauty and diversity the animal kingdom offers us. ”

Click here to view Animal Tails’ Organic Clothes Range


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