Upcycled Lace Panties by Who Made Your Pants

Upcycled Lace Panties by Who Made Your PantsIn time for Christmas we have just added  to our organic underwear section the fabulous new brand Who Made Your Pants.

Who Made Your Pants makes gorgeous lace panties from fabrics leftovers upcycled from the lingerie industry. The lace would otherwise go to waste and gets here a second life.

Designed with comfort and style in mind these lace knickers are made from soft stretch lace. They sit flat under clothes and have no visible panty line. Seamless sides for a smooth look under clothes. The lace panties also have a matching bow detail at the front.

What makes Who Made Your Pants even more special it that the company is truly about two things – amazing pants, and amazing women.

Who Made Your Pants is structured as a worker co-op, creating jobs and training for refugee women in Southampton. Who Made Your Pants was set up specifically to empower women. The women it employs and works with are primarily refugees, from Afghanistan, Somalia, the Sudan – often places where there have been wars. They may have been educated or worked, they may not, so their needs are all different and Who Made Your Pants’ training and support varies in relation to need.

As a collective, Who Made Your Pants offers its workers (once they have gone through their probation period and meet the membership criteria) the opportunity to become a member of the co-op if they want. This means that they own the business, are responsible for it, and could, down the line when the company makes profits, share in those profits.

Who Made Your Pants lace panties are priced between £10-£15 and come in 12 superb colourways.

Click here for full details

Lace Panties by Who Made Your Pants


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