Alternative Charity Gifts from Practical Action

Alternative charity gifts Brilliant BatteriesAlternative charity gifts give the word “giving” a all new sense at Christmas. So we have just added 2 new alternative charity gifts from Practical Action.  Alternative charity gifts will transform lives and help people who need them most.

In an increasingly divided and fragileworld, Practical Action works together with some of the world’s poorest people throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America to help lift themselves out of poverty. Founded by Dr E F Schumacher, author of the best selling book ‘Small Is Beautiful’, Practical Action has, over the past forty years, worked with communities to develop a wide range of innovative and practical solutions to change people’s lives for the better. And they have done it by following a unique approach to development: they don’t start with technology, but with people. The tools may be simple or sophisticated, but to provide long-term, appropriate and practical answers, they must be firmly in the hands of local people: people who shape technology and control it for themselves.

Alternative charity gifts Lollipops for CowsThis Christmas, By Nature is renewing its partnership with Practical Action to offer a diverse range of alternative and ethical charity gifts supporting Practical Action’s work.

Our latest alternative charity gifts include:

Brilliant Batteries £19.00
Batteries charged by a community micro hydro system allow poor Zimbabwean families to have access to electricity in their home for the first time. Families can use light later in the day for income generating activities and children are able to study.

Lollipops for Cows £16.00
Farmers in Nepal are being trained on how to produce ‘lollipops’ for their cows. They are made from mud, egg shells, salt, flour and water, containing just the right amount of essential minerals to ensure their cows remain healthy.

Click here to view our full range of alternative charity gifts


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