Reusable Shopping Bags – Bag The Habit

reusable bags by bag the habitThe more you like your reusable bag, the more you’ll use it!

Bag the Habit’s design formula may be unique, but the philosophy is simple;
it’s not about hating plastic, it’s about loving your reusable bag.

Bag the Habit designs reusable bags to be the perfect everyday companion, to look good and wear well, day after day. Fresh prints and colors, premium eco-luxe fabrics, and thoughtful details that make the bags stronger, more functional, and hopefully more fun to carry.

Bag the Habit has been committed to the use of eco-textiles. Their range of reusable shopping bags is made using exclusively recycled or organic/sustainable fabrics.

You can view the full line of Bag the Habit’s reusable bags  here.
Prices range from £9.95 to £25.95 (for a set of 5)


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