Hevea Dummy

Hevea Dummy Pacifier
Hevea Dummy Pacifier

No PVC, No BPA, No phthalates, No artificial colours!

The Hevea pacifier gives you a healthy and stylish alternative for baby to use then the thumb. Made from 100% natural rubber, it’s soft and gentle on baby’s face and prevents vacuum rashes around the mouth. It’s very hygienic one-piece design has no perforations, hence bacteria cannot accumulate and hide in perforations and joints.

The pacifier is ergonomically butterfly shaped, with space for nose and chin. The ventilation holes are required by law. Safety regulations recommend a minimum of 2, Hevea has 4.

Hevea pacifiers, teether and bath toys are made of 100% natural rubber, which is a natural sap coming from the rubber tree. As it is a natural material, it can vary in colour and shape. Also as it is biodegradable, it needs to stay of out sunlight and moist environments to prolong its lifespan.

This also means that it doesn’t always have the same colour and it doesn’t last forever – as with organic apples, no two look the same – that’s the beauty of being natural!!!

Hevea Dummies
are available in 4 different stylish designs: star&moon, flowers, cars and crowns – suitable both for boys and for girls.


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